Transforming compulsive eating
into collective help

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How to transform compulsive eating into collective aid

The world produces enough food for everyone on the planet, yet hunger kills around 3 million children each year. Over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day, whilst more than 1.4 billion adults in developed countries suffer from obesity.

You are shocked by this reality. You want to take action. You want to make sure your input becomes impact.

Welcome to UFeed. Now you can become a philanthropist and help underprivilieged communities overcome hunger and poverty, 4 clicks at a time.



Think of all the times you’ve bought or ordered food that you didn't really need. All those cravings can easily be transformed into something new. We invite you to regenerate those unnecessary calories into essential meals for children that are dying of hunger.

How does it work?

It’s very easy – if you feel the sudden urge to dive into a pint of ice cream or grab another latte, simply take out your smartphone, download Ufeed and follow these steps:

1. Select the the food item you are giving up.

2. Take a look at our charity map and choose an NGO to donate to. You can view them by country.

3. Enter the price of your food item - this is how much you will donate.

4. And finally share your donation on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter). We do not spend money on marketing. ). For every share, follow or tweet, we’ll donate an extra bowl of rice to your chosen NGO.

So don’t be shy, share your donations! You can simultaneously spread the word and continue to support these causes in just a few clicks.

We are inviting reliable NGOs from all over the world to join our charity network, so if you know a group that would be interested in joining Ufeed, send them our way. Together we can reach out and feed more children!


Ufeed promotes grassroot organizations that have extensive face-to-face contact with those in need. We believe that the most effective way to help people is by following those on the ground that know firsthand what every community needs. These needs can be anything from improving access to drinking water and supplying technology and seeds to increase crop growth, to empowering women in India, taking children to school in Nepal or helping farmers in under-developed areas of Nicaragua. Their projects are diverse, but every NGO has one thing in common: their ultimate goal is to reduce poverty and guarantee food security for people in developing countries through long-term, sustainable solutions.

Your donations will always be used to benefit these vulnerable people in developing countries.


The mis-distribution of food goes deeper than we might think. In India, for example, more than 300 million overweight people coexist with another 300 million who starve. We cannot let ourselves sit by and watch each other overeat and discard food without a thought.

Recent calculations set obesity-related health spending just in the United States at $150-$200 billion, while according to Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations nearly 5 million children younger than five years old will die from hunger-related causes.

Ufeed is an easy-to-use tool with which each person can do their little bit in reversing the food imbalance.


Ufeed operates with complete transparency. You will have access to all of our monthly donation statistics and our reports on who we collaborate with. You can also check out our blog to see updates on the impact that your donations are having on the ground.

Finally, Ufeed spends 7% of donations on maintenance. This is the minimum amount needed to ensure operation of the project.


UFeed was created you by the Spanish NGO Yooou (previously known as Grupo 2013), committed to breaking the vicious circle of poverty experienced by disadvantaged families across the globe. We understand that the cycle of poverty is maintained by a lack of resources in developing countries, which makes saving impossible. However we believe that poverty is avoidable and that the cycle can be broken- the answer lies in investing in these countries, little by little, starting on a small scale.

As well as Ufeed, YOOOU has also successfully developed a number of other projects since 2009:

MAYAS: This project supports children with poor academic performance through extracurricular activities and has already awarded 89 scholarships in Bolivia and Nicaragua.

MICROCREDITS: An initiative directed at families already benefiting from one of the MAYAS scholarships. MICROCREDITS aims to encourage families to make long-term investments and increase their income, by setting up their own small businesses.

TUUU LIBRERÍA: Spain’s first ‘free’ bookshop in which books are worth as much as one wants to pay for them- you decide how much you want to give.

For more information visit us at: www.yooou.org..